About pensioners: Hoeness wants to continue “guarding” Bavaria

Uli Hoeness goes to his last week as president at FC Bavaria. Sports are back on track after a short crisis, but there are still side-effects. The Maker sees no reason to sit back.

Hoeness was widely congratulated and pat on the shoulders by fans and friends. Five days before the end of the presidency at FC Bavaria, the 67-year-old enjoyed the victory of his basketball players in the top game against Berlin visibly.

After the game Hoeness even made a small speech in the cabin of the German master, Captain Danilo Barthel handed him a signed game ball.” Thank you for everything on behalf of the team,”said the national player. It sounded very much like goodbye.

But will the decades-long quasi omnipresent success manager stay away from the Audi Dome of basketball players or the Alliance Arena of Footballers? No way! And to stop publicly speaking about his club is even less questionable for him.

“Whenever I hear and see unspeakable things, I will guard the club like a hawk,” said Hoeness, justifying his curious live call during the TV show “Double Pass” at “Sport1″, when he defended football head Hasan Salihamidzic.” One or other journalist will have to be pleased that I am leaving the Attack Department again, now that I no longer have an official function,”Hoeness also announced.

FCB basketball players want to take the lead

With the last Annual General Meeting as President on Friday his time at the The most important German club does not end.” He’s not completely gone,”basketball player Alex King explained. In formal terms, Hoeness will remain a simple member of the Supervisory Board and, as the face of the Bavarians, he probably does not know a pension at all.

Hoeness’comments have weight in German football, even if, last time with one or other statement, he caused irritation or even misunderstanding. In basketball, too, the rise of the Bavarians from the second-tier to the league dominator was due within a few years to the gripping action of Hoeness. As a great supporter of the Korbjags, he raised the money for the high-altitude flight.

“It was a great time,” said Sports Director Marko Pesic. “It was a great time.” I learned a lot from him, for life.”He was obliged to Hoene s s to”eternal gratitude”because at the age of 34 he was allowed to share responsibility for the construction of the basketball division.

Hoeness successor Hainer”a sports freak”

Then Pesic told of a violent crash between him and Hoeness, “we’ve been so hard on each other for the first time.” After that, the two of them wouldn’t have spoken for three weeks. It was only then that Hoeness came to Pesic and apologized. How big can one be…”, said the former basketball pro.

In the future, the designated club president Herbert Hainer will be the first contact for the basketballs. He is to accompany the team closely, according to Hoeness’s wishes, on the way to the European top and in a newly built hall on the Olympic grounds.

Hainer is “a sports freak who loves both football and basketball”, Hoeness told “Magenta Sport”. “He is a sports freak who loves both football and basketball”. I’m a hundred percent sure he’ll push basketball as hard as I will. And if he needs help from Lake Tegernsee, I will always be there.”