After the fable round: Mercedes boss noble epic Hamilton

The Formula-1 world is astonished by the qualification in Singapore: Lewis Hamilton has thrown the favored Ferraris into the slammer with an impressive lap, and thus also Toto Wolff. The Austrian still cannot grasp Hamilton’s fabulous time and states: It is simply surreal.”

Mercedes’motorsport manager does not therefore spare praise for his exceptional driver, who has distanced the second-place entrances by three tenths and Sebastian Vettel to rank three by six whole tenths.” So the round really was stardust. We can’t explain it any other way,”he says.

Wolff goes on thinking and nobles Hamilton:”This round was epic! I’ve never seen anything like it. I think he drove faster than the car can,”he plays on the traditionally rather difficult race for Mercedes in Singapore. And even the highly acclaimed Hamilton shows himself emotionally touched after the exception evening: “She felt magical!”

Hamilton: Not counting on Pole

The British himself had not anticipated this outcome of the qualification, as he admits: “I was nervous and didn’t think we had the Pace for it. We were half a second back,”Hamilton describes his expectations before the crucial time training. In the fable round everything suddenly fit: “In 99,9 percent of the cases, however, this does not work.”

“We really needed this round”, he is aware of the importance of his performance. On a route that traditionally presents Mercedes with problems, this pole could become a match ball in the driver’s World Cup.” This was perhaps the most perfect lap I have ever driven,”the seemingly happy Brit continues. At the same time, he is overcome by the feeling that he had on the decisive lap –which he could not set as usual in the last attempt, but even at the beginning of Q3.

“I had no spinning tires or overpriced anywhere. The car was just one with me and so I could get the most out in every turn,”Hamilton swarms from the round and is the decisive factor in the fight for the Pole in Singapore. Toto Wolff also agrees and believes that Mercedes has beaten the competition in the narrow corners of the Marina Bay City Circuit. The base, according to the Austrian, was laid after the spa, when Mercedes had to accept a painful defeat against Ferrari.

Does Spa defeat make for Singapore victory?

Ferrari still had the upper hand in the last races, especially when accelerating from narrow curves, but thanks to hard work Mercedes seems to have opened up.” We have made a real effort to understand why our car is not so well located in these slow curves,”explains Wolff.

“Spa then helped us a step further.”he stresses the key role of the Ardennes back road. He is particularly pleased that the silver arrows made the connection by their own power and know, “where in the past our mistakes were in the set-up.”

That Hamilton was nevertheless the decisive factor in Singapore, Wolff does not want to deny.” Only he will know what he has accomplished on this round,”he therefore respects him. The round was so extraordinary that Wolff even left his usual routine: “I don’t usually go to the boxing radio. Today it is. Because I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Vettel:”I think the delay is too great”

Mercedes’technical director James Allison can’t even grasp the unique round yet and agrees in Wolff’s praise:”It’s hard to put into words how a day like this feels. He was overwhelming in many ways,”he also fancies from Hamilton’s 79-pole position.”He was overwhelming in many ways.” This was a stunning achievement by Lewis,”he also nobles his compatriot.

The defeated Ferrari pilot and WM counterpart Sebastian Vettel shows himself crushed after the disappointing qualification and contradicts the praises of Mercedes.” I think the backlog is pretty damn big. Of course, Lewis had a pretty good round and I congratulate him, but she wasn’t unbeatable,”he says, hoping for the race. Tomorrow everything will look different”, he gives himself to the Heppenheimer militantly.