Alaba stay at FC Bavaria does not attract safe -Pep

David Alaba has been a member of the professional team of FC Bavaria Munich since 2010, is one of the identification figures of the Munich and until today the last of its own plants to be able to take up a family place. Now the 28-year-old has spoken about milestones, his new role as head of defense and his unexplained future.

Alaba’s contract with FC Bavaria ends in the summer 2021, the German record master absolutely wants to keep the Austrian, but so far it has not been possible to agree on an extension. A circumstance that might last a while. He simply does not know how long it will take for a final decision to be made, but he will have to make it “sometime”, Alaba explained in a conversation with the “kicker”.

At the moment he is “not thinking” about his future anyway, as the focus is more on the sports tasks. The final of the DFB Cup against Bayer Leverkusen (Saturday, 2000:00 clock) and the Champions League Final Tournament will soon be on the agenda for Alaba and the FC Bavaria. In Munich one can therefore continue to hope for the second triple of the club history. Also thanks to Coach Hansi Flick, who took over the team in November from Niko Kovac and led to unprecedented dominance.

“He conveys this hunger, we suck it up. He’s formed a team that’s in a good mood. We go to every game to win. Every single player is aware that we are the FC Bavaria, everyone wants to embody that,”explains Alaba, how Flick has made the Munich people’s legs again.

Flick gives the FC Bavaria”its own philosophy”

During the mid-autumn crisis, one never doubted and”never gave up”, but also saw that some screws had to be turned, which worked very well in retrospect. Hansi Flick has become a trainer and has been able to turn the switch within a very short time, his share is certainly great.”Alaba even sees parallels to Bavarian trainer legend Jupp Heynckes, but makes it clear:”Hansi has his own philosophy”and”a very positive way to lead the team, as I have not seen before.”

Flick was also the one who strongly urged Alaba to go to the inner defense and celebrated a coup with it.” I feel comfortable back there, having taken another step forward as a person in the square because I can lead the team differently. It has always been my claim to take responsibility on and beside the place and to develop myself. This has worked quite well,”Alaba comments his new role.

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Media reports say it could be the new role in the game t hat finally convinced Alaba to extend the FC Bavaria. However, negotiations should not simply continue to take place. At the age of 28, the Austrian is at the best football age, has achieved everything with Bavaria and in the past made it sound several times t hat he does not exclude a change of wallpaper.

Pep Guardiola attracts David Alaba

This change of wallpaper Alaba could carry out with a change to Manchester City. According to the “Guardian”, the Austrian is to play a central role in the restructuring of the Sky Blues.

According to the report, team manager Pep Guardiola is looking for reinforcements for the internal defense and the left defensive side. With Alaba, who can play both positions, the citizens would beat two birds with one stone.

Under Guardiola, Alaba trained from 2013 to 2016 at FC Bavaria. However, the rumors of an Alaba switch to ManCity are not new. The 28-year-old has long been associated with the Premier League Club.