Alonso criticizes the press: Ask about Montreal!

After his trip to the world of the American motor sports scene Fernando Alonso knows the differences between formula 1 and the IndyCar series.

No wonder that the McLaren pilot in Montreal is a wanted man. He describes his impressions of the legendary Indy-500 race and draws a comparison of the two series. It was to be expected that the formula-1 and media environment in its descriptions did not fare so well. In America, everyone is proud of the event. They just want to have fun in the race,”says the Spaniard.”No. There’s so much politics about the race in Formula One. Everyone picks a word out of what you say and assumes a story behind it just to get a headline.”

Alonso’s critique goes on. In the press conference on Thursday’I have not been questioned once this weekend. It is only a question of what the future will look like, whether the updates work or not,”the 35-year-old complains. It is always about later or a comment on the statements of the team leaders.” This race weekend is hardly the focus,”he complains.

Because the team and the drivers are preparing for the upcoming weekend in a normal way. Together with the engineers, you focus on the race, prepare the strategy, tyre temperatures and so on. Then you come to the press conference and then everything only revolves around next year or what Zak (Brown) said,”says Alonso.”It’s all about the press conference.” In this way, the emotions you have built up for the upcoming race are frozen.”

The unpredictability of the races is a problem

Alonso believes he knows the reason why so little is reported about the current events.” We can take a piece of paper and write the first fifteen places for qualifying and racing on it. To 99 percent each position will be correct,”says the two-time Formula One World Champion. The royal class was too predictable, so too many speculations arose outside the race track.

“Sport can benefit to a certain point because we remain in the media talking and thus create a fan interaction,” says Alonso. ” But unfortunately you miss out on what really happens this weekend.”

The atmosphere in the paddock of formula 1 is quite different from that in America. There, the pilots ride skateboards through the camp. Unthinkable in the royal class. Everyone’s more relaxed and cheerful there,”said the McLaren pilot. If you leave the motorhome in formula 1, you will feel the tense and defensive mood.”

He blames the media for that.” If you make a small comment, you must fear that it will become a word dispute,”he says. This is not the case with the IndyCars.” The environment is much more relaxed. There is no pressure and all the drumming that exists in formula 1,”says Alonso.