Alonso over 80s-Hype: As boring as today

Many fans are moaning about the currently boring formula 1 and wish to go back to the glorious 1980s when heroes like Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost fought fiercely for the World Cup title.

But for Fernando Alonso, the era of the royal class is only glorified afterwards. The Spaniard finds: The royal class was not so great at the time.

The formula 1 was very boring at the time,”says Alonso about the era of Senna and Prost. If you’re watching a race of’85,’88 or’92’today, you’ll be asleep the whole time because it was just the two McLaren. The fourth was round and there was a 25-second distance between the individual cars. Ten cars did not reach their destination because the reliability was not very good”, the Spaniard does not find those years very exciting.

The same problem has the formula 1 currently also. Decreasing interest and declining ratings are the result, but this is what the show had to do at the time.” The formula 1 is as boring today as it was then,”says Alonso, who in the recent past had often complained critically about the constitution of his sport.

“In this generation Hamilton or Vettel will be an idol for the children”

Also that the current drivers, unlike the heroes of the past, are considered boring, he can only understand conditionally. It is clear to him that drivers are more glorified after their careers than if they are still active.” The people of the 80s are great champions and idols,”he says, believing that there will still be such champions today:”In this generation, Hamilton or Vettel will be idols for the children who now drive go-karts.”

The best er a had formula 1 in its early 2000s. At the time, numerous manufacturers such as BMW or Toyota and numerous new countries and markets were hitting sports and many fans with them.

“The ratings and ratings were at their peak,” says the McLaren pilot, saying that one probably did not understand the situation at the time in order to have long-term success with it.” The costs were immense, the technology was complicated and some manufacturers stepped out.”

The fact that the royal class is no longer having as much fun today as it used to has mainly to do with the fact that the vehicles are no longer moving at the limit today:”By the resources, Budgets and technologies could be the cars fantastic machines that could blow the boundaries of physics for man, instead we are sitting in a monopoly with the feeling of a GT car,”the Spaniard sighs.