Alonso wants third F1 title instead of Le-Mans start

The 24-hour Le Mans must wait even longer for Fernando Alonso. Although this week the Spaniard had indicated a switch to the long-distance world championship, in Abu Dhabi he has again declared himself formula 1. He has some unfinished business in the royal class before he switches to WEC.

First I want to win a third world championship in formula 1, and I will do so –and then I will look further,”the McLaren pilot announces. Alonso is considered one of the best pilots of his time, but has been waiting ten years for a third world championship after 2005 and 2006. Again and again there is speculation about the departure of the 35-year-old who is clearly behind with his team.

Water brought to the mills this week a video on Mark Webber’s career in the WEC. In it he told the Australian that it would have been nice if he had waited for him and that one day he would have taken part in the adventure. Already 2015 he was on the verge of a commitment to Porsche at the 24-hour race, but the employer blocked Honda.

Alonso: “Formula 1 in the coming year to 100 percent”

Addressed to the video message, Alonso says: “What I said in the news was nothing new, but it is already quite famous. I am committed to formula 1 in the coming year to 100 percent, but there is no doubt that it will be a very attractive challenge in the future,”said the Spaniard. Driving the 24-hour Le Mans is really something very attractive to me.”

Alonso likes the series, the cars and the challenge, as he underlines, but does not want to know about an early change to the WEC.” As for the future: I don’t know if that means in two years, five years or eleven years,”he shrugs.

For before that it is finally necessary to accomplish a mission in formula 1.