AlphaTauri will not sacrifice 2022

AlphaTauri mixes formula 1 this year. With Pierre Gasly and Rookie Yuki Tsunoda, both in Bahrain and in Imola, the Italians showed a partially superior Pace, only the reward in the race was still scarce. The potential to annoy the big teams, at least from time to time, seems to have the racing stable of team leader Franz Tost in any case.

Chief of Technology Jody Egginton exercises himself in depth despite the unmistakable qualities of the car. I’ve said it many times and it might be boring. But we’re in the middle field right now, and Franz has made it clear that we want to be in the designer’s World Cup at five. That is our goal. Whether we can do this constantly cannot be said yet,”says Egginton.

However, the prerequisites always seem to exist. With eight points, AlphaTauri is already in fifth place, so much more was possible. Especially for Gasly, who in Bahrain with a bitter mistake probably threw away a top-5 placement.

Egginton: AT02 more competitive than the last car

In Imola Tsunoda brought himself to Q1 with an accident early in order to get all the chances of a good result, moreover the strategy at Gasly to start with rain tires, as wrong and possibly cost several places as well. In the end he became seventh.

Egginton also admits that the team with the AT02 had succeeded in a good throw. The car is more competitive than last year. We have achieved most of our goals in winter. The goal was to close the gap and put the car in a better position for a wider window of conditions,”he explains.

Like all other teams, AlphaTauri faces the question this year, how long the current vehicle will continue to develop and when the focus will be completely on the completely new car for the rule revolution 2022. For the Faenza racing stable, there will be no compromise.

2022 will not be endangered

“We have to deliver,” Egginton makes clear with a view to the coming year. The challenge is to make the best possible use of existing resources for the current car.” But I do not feel in a position to say that we push for 2021 more and 2022 is then the result that remains,”he says.

Haas had stopped developing on the current vehicle as the first of the ten teams. In Imola the last updates for this season have already come. Williams also announced not to make any improvements. And even Mercedes team leader Toto Wolff has already spoken of “tough decisions” that the team would have to make in the WM fight.

Egginton explains that many resources would already be invested in the development of the 2022er car.” We didn’t put everything on a map thinking this was our chance now. We want to get better every year,”he says,”We want to take the next step. I don’t think it would be acceptable if we turned around and threatened next year.”