Animal: " I love and need this fan support"

German tennis ace Alexander Zverev is currently in brisk shape. Just now, the 24-year-old won the ATP Masters of Madrid, defeating, among other things, Sandplatz god Rafael Nadal. What makes Zverev so strong?

In addition to his exceptional speech at the Court also the support of the audience, as he emphasizes in the exclusive RTL interview.

“I am someone who lives extremely through the fans, through these emotions. I need it and I just love it,”Zverev said. He always played better in front of spectators this year than without. Zverev.

World Series number six sweeps less than three weeks before the start of the French Open with power over the sand courts of the tennis world.

Whether he sees himself as a favourite for the Grand Slam tournament after his triumph over Nadal and the tournament victory in Madrid, RTL Zverev has asked.

Nadal of the one to beat

“The favorite is still Rafa (Nadal, d. Red. Rafa is still the one to beat,”the hamburger immediately steps on the brake. After the Spaniard came “people like” Novak Djokovic (Serbia), his eco-species Dominic Thiem “and then probably sometime I”.

Translated: I am already co-favorite, Zverev wants to talk in Paris a serious word, living the dream of his first major success.

Zverev does not lack confidence. To win a Masters like in Madrid, you have to beat the best. That’s exactly what he did in Spain’s capital. If you win against Nadal and Thiem on sand, you have already earned something,”Zverev said:”This is a special feeling.”

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