Armina sports boss fears ghost games

Sports director Samir Arabi of the Bundesliga-ascendant Arminia Bielefeld believes that due to the upcoming ghost games in the Bundesliga his team’s prospects for class retention are diminishing.

On the question of whether the chances would be greater without Corona, Arabi replied to the “Westfalen-Blatt”: “I think so, only if I am Think of the atmosphere in the stadiums.”

Arabi recalled the example of climbers from the two previous years.

“Union Berlin, for example, with the help of its audience in the pre-season Dortmund and Monk-ngladbach has defeated at home and has remained in the league. In the previous season, Fortuna Dusseldorf also defeated Dortmund and Gladbach at home and also stayed in,”he said,”Such surprises are needed to significantly increase the chances of the league’s holding. This is without doubt a key to success. Without an audience, this is of course much harder.”