Arrivabene defends Cancellation of Viceroy in Monza

Did Ferrari in Monza shoot himself in the knee with the decision to inform Kimi Racing Kings about his exit in Maranello? Not when it com es to Ferrari team leader Maurizio Arrivabene.

I find these assessments about the timing of the matter disrespectful to our drivers,”the Italian defends against””against the numerous accusations.

“Both Kimi and Sebastian are professionals, who already have many years of experience on the bumper and no card drivers who are just beginning to spend their time on the track,”he suggests that the timing of the announcement to 39-year-olds would have made no difference.

Nevertheless, it was noticeable, how hard Reiki defended himself against his teammate Vettel during his probably last Ferrari race in Monza after the start, even though he was in the middle of the title fight against Lewis Hamilton. The hard way had consequences, because Vettel, in the version of della Roggia, was forced into a duel against Hamilton, which led to a turn of the Ferrari pilot.

The British took the opportunity and won, which is later seen by many as a key event in the World Cup alongside Vettel’s slip-out in Hockenheim.” If Kimi gets the pole every time he receives such news, then we should do it every weekend,”draws Arrivabene, who was also criticized because Vettel had to give wind shadows in the Monza qualifying kites, the ridiculous theory.

That’s why the decision was announced in Monza

But why did he really choose the Monza weekend as the optimal time to tell councillors that he is no longer needed at Ferrari after almost eight years?” Here two things need to be clarified,”he says. Kimi always did well at the spa and in Monza, and he wanted us to give him an answer about his future.”

In his opinion, it is”more appropriate to communicate such a decision on a route that the driver cares about before a race weekend than on a more tense weekend”, argues Arrivabene.” Ideal, of course, would have been during the summer break, but we were not there yet. And if we made it to Monza, it would have been in Singapore before the weekend.”