Arrivabene: Vettel is better than Schumacher

Sebastian Vettel, according to Ferrari’s team leader Maurizio Arrivabene, is in some respects even better than his idol Michael Schumacher.

Many have claimed that Sebastian could only win because he had the best car at Red Bull,”said Arrivabene of the Milanese daily Corriere della Sera on Saturday:”And at some moments I thought so too. Now that I’m working with him, I can say that in a way, he’s better than a shoemaker. Especially from the character.”

“Michael was more introverted, he opened himself only to a narrow circle of people. Sebastian is more radiant, the team members feel him as one of them. If he then has something to say, he does not give up a millimeter,”said the 58-year-old.

The Ferrari team leader also gives himself reluctantly after Vettel’s victory in Singapore. We’re not in the race for the title. Mathematics says we are, but Mercedes remains strong,”Arrivabene said.

Asking whether Ferrari Red Bull could deliver engines, Arrivabene replied:”We sell like Mercedes cars and engines. You can talk to anyone without problems. Naturally, buyers and bidders must meet,”said Arrivabene.

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