Australia-GP: Hamilton hangs Rosberg

Bitter break for Nico Rosberg in the 3rd Free Training: At the general qualifying test at the Australian Grand Prix, the Mercedes-man had to give his teammate Lewis Hamilton a beating for the first time this weekend

Hamilton took almost a second to his German teammate Lewis Hamilton. Rode stables on the 5303-kilometer round in Albert Park. Rosberg, however, fought with blunt weapons: a problem on the rear axle of his silver arrow slowed him down. Sebastian Vettel took advantage of the weakness of the superpowered Star Warriors: Second, he blew up the silver phalanx at the top of the class. At best, however, the four-time World Champion lacked about seven tenths.

Thus, he was the only non-Mercedes pilot who kept his distance under a second. Ferrari teammate Kimi Vrikkunen was almost half a second slower than Vettel, sorting himself behind the two Williams pilots Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa to square six.

Red Bull and McLaren are going far behind

Vettel’s ex-racing station Red Bull experienced a Disaster: Local mayor Daniel Ricciardo was braked down several times by technology and did not go beyond square 15. His new teammate Daniil Kvyat finished the training with almost five seconds left in the last place. Between the two cops was the equally disappointing McLaren duo Kevin Magnussen and Jenson Button.

Only slightly better for Nico Hullkenberg. The Force-India pilot was 2874 seconds late, sorting himself into place 13 in front of his teammate Sergio Perez and behind Clean Man Marcus Ericsson. After guiding Giedo van der Garde, who waived his right to start clean in Melbourne, the participation of Ericsson and Felipe Nsar in the start-up GP is no longer in the way. Nasr surprised in the 3rd Free Training with the 10th place.

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