Ballack glaubt an Tuchel-Don’t be Chelsea

Former National Team Captain Michael Ballack holds great pieces on the new coach at his old club FC Chelsea.

“”Thomas Tuchel has clear ideas of what he wants to play and how he wants to play,”Ballack said in an interview with”Stats Perform News”. That’s what he communicates. He has shown at Paris Saint-Germain t hat he can cope with difficult characters,”said the second World Cup of 2002.

Ballack confides in Tuchel Grande:”If he wins games, he can get air and maybe be the coach who prints his stamp there for the longer term, “To mark an era at Chelsea”

Chelsea’s national player Kai Havertz is also expected to benefit from Tuchel, Ballack believes. With him he now has a trainer who knows him and understands the situation.

“”Important””, Ballack says, “”that you can also recognize Chelsea: if you commit a player with this potential, then you give him this role and build the team peu a peu around him. Even though he’s so young. With Thomas Tuchel, there will be no communication difficulties. He will reach physics in the foreseeable future to push through his game at Chelsea as well.”

Timo Werner, as Havertz has committed to the start of the season, has currently””a flute, which sometimes happens with stormers”,”Ballack said,”his game is different at the moment than in Leipzig. The opponents often face Chelsea in the back, so he has less space and his strengths do not come to bear. If the knot bursts and he shoots a goal, it will also be better with him.”