Because the lion is shaking: Bavaria fears Flick-goodbye

After the debacle of Tuesday evening in Seville, when the German football team went down with 0:6 against Spain, speculation about a change in the position of the Federal trainer increases.

In a recent report of the “Sport Image” Hansi Flick is now being dealt with concretely as a successor of Joachim Lion. The current head trainer and champion league winner from FC Bayern Munich will be interviewed from the summer 2021, i.e. after the EM final round.

According to the media report, the Personality Flick has already been discussed internally at the DFB. Last but not least for the scenario that Joachim Lion is definitely still responsible for the European Championship as a federal trainer.

The 60-year-old’s contract still runs up to 2022. However, the fierce blow to the Spanish election, in which the DFB team has shown one of the worst performances of recent decades, is now likely to spark entirely new speculation. Separating from the “eternal” Bundestrainer Lion, who has been leading the fate of the National Team for the past fourteen years?

Report: Flick would probably be ready to talk

At the DFB at least according to “Sport Bild” one assumes that Flick could show himself ready to talk if a lion successor as a federal trainer. At FC Bavaria, those responsible also fear this willingness.

At the current stage, the lack of alternatives in particular could save the current federal trainer’s job. In addition to Hansi Flick, who is known to have a long experience as assistant coach under Lion as well as two years as sports director at the DFB, The Liverpool team manager is still contractually bound to the Reds until 2024 and therefore cannot be obtained in the short term. Flick, who still has a contract in Munich up to 2023, has a similar situation. However, the 55-year-old has recently repeatedly shown dissatisfaction with the personnel policy of FC Bavaria.

Only a few days ago, the 55-year-old is said to have been angry that the club leaked the supposed expiration of the contract with defensive player Jerome Boateng prematurely. And David Alaba’s personality has apparently not been resolved according to Flick’s wishes.

Tuck and Rangnick also acted

The idea that Flick could even take both jobs seems unrealistic at the moment. FC Bayern Munich on the one hand and the German National Team on the other. In this case, a guard solution on the Bundestrainer post would be conceivable at least before the EM.

In this way, even the feedback actions of the 2014er world champions Boateng, Hummels and Muller could be realized, which were recently even discussed by former colleagues Bastian Schweinsteiger and Mesut Oezil.

Currently, the job of the Federal trainer is not expected to be in serious danger before the European Championship in June. The name Flick should be discussed even louder until then, As other candidates for the lion’s succession, the “Sport Bild” also brought into discussion the currently undecided Ralf Rangnick as well as PSG coach Thomas Tuchel. The latter terminates his collaboration with Paris Saint-Germain according to current status in the summer 2021.