Becoming an infamous “Hattrick”: Out of lust becomes frustration

Bundesliga-Niemandsland instead of Europacup-Luft: After a brutal week with the bitter end in the DFB-Cup and two league defeats Werder Bremen must probably lower his high season goals.

“The probability that we will reach seventh place has become very low. Unfortunately, we no longer have it in our own hands,”summarized Frank Baumann. Bremen’s Managing Director Sport was visibly disappointed that the distance to the international arena no longer allowed too much optimism.

His trainer Florian Kohfeldt was also frustrated after the bitter first week of his previous training career, but did not want to reproach his players after the bankruptcy on the Rhine do it. This was an exceptional game, which is in the immediate context of Wednesday. After the emotion, this game came too early for us, as the 36-year-old says, to be honest, so to speak.

Werder has “season goal not yet off”

The painful 2:3 defeat against Bavaria Munich in the Cup semi-final, which was achieved by an extremely controversial foulelfmeter in the final phase, He had left far more traces than the coach had thought.

That is why he gave his professionals two days off even in spite of the clear defeat: “The heads must breathe again and come to other thoughts.” Only from Tuesday one then reads “full confidence and charged battery” to the hammer program in the Seasonal match against Borussia Dortmund, at TSG Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig: “I haven’t finished our season goal yet.”

Clear text by Max Kruse and Nuri Sahin

Nuri Sahin did not want to know about fear in the season finale phase, Regardless of the particular circumstances, demanded a ruthless analysis of the recent appearance.” We have to be honest and draw the right conclusions from this game. The coach warned us about the odds, and we’re charging three goals for the odds, and we can’t let that happen to us. You can take the anger out of the trophy with you if you don’t get a backdoor the first few minutes when you get in the game. We did not manage to do that,”he said, critically.

Werder was still in deep sleep, especially at 0:1 through Benito Raman after 45 seconds. For the other opponents of Kenan Karaman (22.), Rouwen Hennings (56.) and Markus Suttner (73), it did not look much better, even if the result was too high in view of some good Bremer chances.

Max Kruse (28.), who had scored the prize by foulelfmeter, was also served: “The Cup-Off certainly hurt a lot, but it is no excuse for the game today. It was simply not enough in all positions.”The captain of the Werder has not given up hope for a positive end to the season:”Now we want to get nine more points, then let’s see where we are at the end.”