Beside Bavaria: Other top clubs hot on VfB-Star Pavard

According to consistent media reports, Benjamin Pavard could be bought out of his contract by the football federation VfB Stuttgart thanks to an exit clause of 35 million euros next year.

The strong performance of the foreign defender at the World Cup in Russia should continue to ensure that the list of top clubs interested in the French national player is getting longer and longer. The great interest of FC Bavaria Munich has been reported for days now.

Now also top clubs from the English Premier League and the Spanish Primera Division have been informed about the 22-year-old. For example, “Sky” reported on the interest of FC Arsenal and Atletitico Madrid to Pavard, who since 2016 for the Stuttgarts in the 2nd. and 1. The Bundesliga is running.

Compared to “Sky” the WM driver also made no secret of the fact that he wants to sign up as quickly as possible to a European top club: “I want to play Champions League, very clearly. I’m not hiding that either,”said the ambitious lawyer.

The Swabians have even tied their new superstar to the club up to 2021. The fact that Pavard will remain in the country beyond 2018/2019 seems almost impossible after his performance in the last 24 months.