Boateng thinks of renewing the contract: “Feel at ease”

The former national player Jerome Boateng defends himself in the debate for more humility in professional football against flat-rate demands from politics and sport.

“I think we should not point the finger at us football professionals. We can all feel addressed. Everyone should be a bit more humble in these times,”said the World Champion of 2014 in an interview with the”World on Sunday”.

Boateng can well imagine that he and his fellow players at Bavaria Munich will give up part of their salary in the long run during the Coronan crisis. But it always depends on “where the money goes, in general I think it is possible”.

Boateng once again made it clear that he could envisage an extension of his current contract with FC Bavaria up to 2021. The reason was the coach. In the time before Hansi Flick, I was already thinking about my future. At the moment I feel comfortable and can imagine staying,”he said. Under Flick Boateng has regained a regular spot at Munich.