Bottas reveals: Steering gear is being developed longer

Valtteri Bottas believes that the competitors of Mercedes’innovative DAS system cannot easily copy. Because the silver arrows have been working for a long time on the new steering system, where the riders can change the track of the front tyres on the straight by pulling on the steering wheel.

It is not a fast project,”says Bottas. I think I first heard about it almost a year ago.”

This means that development will not be easy for other teams. First of all, it must always be borne in mind that 2021 will come a completely new set of rules, where it will be prohibited anyway. However, if a team were to develop a similar system for 2020, it would presumably disrupt resources with regard to 2021.

“It is of course nice to be the only team that drives such a system,” Bottas says. I think that says something about the great heads this team has. It is certainly not easy to start with something like this and design it and then make it work.”

How much the new Kniff Mercedes brings is currently unknown.” We are still learning something about the system and its potential, but under certain circumstances it can be really good,”Bottas says.”It’s a good idea. And he adds, “But it’s pretty impressive.”

Sebastian Vettel had been told in his media rounds last night that he can introduce himself, that the system feels “strange” for the Mercedes pilots and compared it to “race in flip-flops”. But according to Bottas, that is not the case. Mercedes has already been able to integrate DAS into the simulations and so the drivers can get used to it.

Bottas: “There are no problems”

“It is quite solid and never actually does anything strange,” says the Finnish. “There are no problems”

” Besides, you only move the steering wheel if you want to.”In his view, there have never been any difficulties.” It is quite well designed and made, it is easy to use and there are basically no problems.”

Problems Bottas does not expect when it comes to legality. Although the rules for 2021 exclude a bet, 2020 so far there is no green light – and Bottas sees no reason why anything should change: “I don’t think our team would make and design something that they think is forbidden.”

“I think, We’re pretty well within the rules. As for the other teams: you can think about it, and I am sure that everyone will evaluate whether it is worth the time and effort to do it for this year or not,”said the Finnish.”It’s not worth it.” For us, it was a pretty big project, and it would be pretty hard to copy. I hope we have an advantage with this.”