Bottas warns: Mercedes now stable in all curves

As if the times of Mercedes alone had not been enough announcement, Valtteri Bottas once again argues: Mercedes has eliminated weaknesses from the previous season and is now stable in all curves. The opponents will take it with reverence.

The times alone speak volumes: The Finnish marked the best time of the first test week in 1:15.732 minutes. The best non-Mercedes was slower than 1370 seconds at the end of the day and also in the total value of all three days.

So how did the already superior package get better anyway? The predecessor W10 was particularly strong in narrow curves. In faster corners, however, he turned out to be Diva. This contributed to the unusually long drought of Lewis Hamilton’s pole positions in the second half of the season.

Now this has changed, as Bottas explains: there are no balance problems and the behaviour of the car is quite good. There are always a few things you can refine, especially with different curve types. We are getting better and getting where we should be.”

“The car is much more stable than last year. Especially the rear is now very stable. It makes the car more drivable. I would say that the balance fits better in all types of curves from fast to slow now than last year. That is what we have been aiming for. There are only positives to report against 2019, nothing negative.”

Nevertheless Bottas wants to continue to poke and talks about”some small problems”. What does he mean? In the morning it can be quite difficult to lose tire temperature. Especially when doing aero work.”By that he means driving at a constant speed to collect data.

“I don’t think too much about the few moments I had there,”he says.”I don’t think too much about the few moments I had there.” I think it’s been a good two and a half days. Of course, it’s not much, but I have a good feeling. The feeling that we have made good progress with the car every day.”