Boxing accident rule? Ferrari defends himself

After Ferrari team leader Maurizio Arrivabene made the electronic device that gives the green light responsible for the boxing accident in Bahrain, The competition was uneasy: According to Article 12.8.4 of the Technical Regulation, sensor systems may only play a passive role in the assembly of the wheels.

Therefore, Scuderia’s rivals detected a breach of regulations. But now, according to the BBC, Ferrari has explained in a letter to the teams why his own system is by no means illegal and how it really happened in the boxing accident. According to Ferrari, the impact screws at Ferrari are equipped with sensors to determine if the wheel nut is bolted and which path it has taken on the wheel.

At the end of the crane stop, the mechanic placed on the left: First, he missed the wheel nut with the impact screwdriver, but pressed the button, to screw these off. After a new start, he made another mistake and set the screwdriver in the wrong direction, i.e. to screw the wheel.

Ferrari argues: Sensor is not the only protection

The system assumed that that the wheel was changed quite normally and gave the permission. Ferrari stresses that you do not rely on the electronic device: both the crew member at the rear bumper and the controller of the whole stop press a button during the stop- only when they have released it, the green light appears. But while one of them did not notice the incident, the other had been diverted from view, which is why both of them gave the go-ahead.

As a consequence of the Malheur Ferrari now relies on a third observer who can override the two using a button so that such an incident can no longer happen. FIA racing director Charlie Whiting seems to accept Ferrari’s statement and the measures.

“They were very open and have given us a detailed report,” explains the Brite. “The British But we couldn’t pass that on to all the teams, because we also asked them for detailed information about their car and their boxing equipment.”As there have been six pit stop incidents in the last few months, there are now ideas, how to provide more security.

FIA: More security through two screwdriver sensors

A minimum pit stop time is considered to be the most unpopular measure, but Whiting considers a technical disarmament to be only conditional.” There is no evidence that a return of the good old Lollipop instead of the lighthouse would provide more security, he says. Instead, he believes that double protection over sensors would be a solution.

“Some teams have equipped the screwdriver with a torque sensor and a position sensor,” he explains. If you only use a torque sensor and deactivate the mother, then the required torque is measured, but it is not bolted. If you also use a position sensor, it will recognize that the mother did not follow the path, and there is no release.”

A standard system does not consider Whiting necessary.” We just have to make sure that the operator cannot press the button until everything is ready.”