Brandt criticizes horrifying sums: “Everything is not normal!”

National player Julian Brandt has criticised the horrific payments in football, but does not believe in a change due to the Corona crisis.

“There is a lot, a lot of money in circulation in football, and I know that all this is not to be measured by normal standards and we partly form our own bubble. Although football is the largest sport in the world, salaries are not in any way comparable to those of ordinary earners,”Borussia Dortmund’s offensive player said in an interview with football magazine”11Friends”.

Brandt cited sponsors who”pump unbelievably high sums into football”. Importantly,’sport will not become a luxury, but will remain affordable. In the stadium and in front of the TV”.

Great hopes that the replacement sums will decrease, Brandt does not have:”I cannot imagine that next year an Mbapp e will only change for 80 million euros. Some club will pay the astronomical sums.”