Brave nail man meets Leipzig’s master ambitions

After the Cup Final, Ralf Rangnick gives his trainer seat at RB Leipzig to Julian Nagelsmann. The former Hoffenheimer has to meet great expectations, the biggest ones come from himself.

RB Leipzig’s invitation to the DFB Cup Final defeated Julian Nagelsmann, who prefers not to draw attention to himself in the most important game of the still young club history. But that will change rapidly from summer preparation. The fans, the competitors, the own players –all look forward to the promising constellation in Leipzig.

“There a talented coach meets a talented team, but nobody knows how it will be,” Nagelsmann said in the “kicker” interview: “If we convince as a group, we can find an interesting alternative And to Branchenprimus Bavaria Munich.

Highly talented players, according to the idea of 31-year-old nail man, should come to Leipzig and say to themselves, “Then I will be master there.” He has also chosen Leipzig, “to get titles at some point”.

Nagelsmann is measured in Leipzig at Rangnick

Even in his last season at the TSG Hoffenheim, Nagelsmann had bravely taken the goal “Championship” in his mouth, which impressed the RB bosses additionally. Ralf Rangnick, who clears the training bench for Nagelsmann and returns to his post as sports director, does not want to slow down the zeal of his new coach: “With all due respect, but I think we have a little better players than Hoffenheim. Then he will surely have this goal with us too.”

How the cooperation between the Alphabets Rangnick and Nagelsmann works is one of the interesting questions. Nagelsmann’s flabby comment last September that it was not Rangnick, but Managing Director Oliver Mintzlaff’s “boss” was recorded as a small sting. The fact is: Nagelsmann is measured in the strong season under Rangnick, a third place should come back at least.

But Nagelsmann would not be Nagelsmann if he left everything at RB with the old one. There will be “adjustments,” he announced, “because even the opponents are able to change something.” But he doesn’t want to change the RB-DNA, the predatory pressing, fundamentally.” I will not make the mistake of going into ball ownership,”said Nagelsmann. But when playing with the ball, he wants to “develop a little more variability”.

Criticism of Nagelsmann from Hoffenheim leaves Rangnick cold

That he will impressively convey this to his players, Serge Gnabry is firmly convinced. The Bavarian professional trained und er nails in Hoffenheim for a season, he said at DAZN and Spox about the Leipzigers: “I believe they will mature into a great power in the coming years.”

The RB professionals may also have heard the misconceptions that were also heard at the Nagelsmann farewell in Hoffenheim.” We change the system too often during the game. We are not robots, but human beings,”Andrej Kramaric, for example, had publicly complained.

Rangnick does not take this criticism to mean much in”on the contrary.” You have to annoy players every day because you want to develop them,”said the 60-year-old,”All top trainers, whether that was Arrigo Sacchi 25 years ago, or whether that’s a Pep Guardiola, Thomas Tuchel or Jurgen Klopp, are exhausting.”

The RB bosses have nothing against an exhausting time with nail polish

as long as the success is there.