Brawn betrayed: Translators provided F1-Corona clusters

More than 78.000 tests, 78 of which are positive: This is the balance of the coronation tests in formula 1 2020. However, this number only includes the tests performed at the 17 events, not the mandatory tests in the meantime. Yet these figures are extremely positive for Formula One sports director Ross Brawn.

This is a brilliant example of how Formula One holds together in times of crisis,”he says in the podcast’Beyond The Grid’.” We spend most of our lives, at least with me, trying to destroy the others. And when we are confronted with such a situation, the formula 1 comes together and grows beyond itself.”

However, he is a little concerned that, as a percentage, drivers account for a large part of the positive cases:”We had about one in 1.000. But it is fascinating to look at the cases, because we had three drivers, which is something off the scale at 20’s,”Brawn said. Sergio Perez, Lance Stroll, and Lewis Hamilton fell out of a disease in the course of the year.

“We need to think about that,” Brawn says. Otherwise, many of the 78 positive tests would have been route workers and people related to the venue.

Translator provides an outbreak

The biggest outbreak was due to a translator. Although Brawn does not betray the place, Russia is seen as the most likely trigger.” He worked with some people and translated for them. He came in contact with them, of course, and suddenly we had a wild little cluster. But we quickly got to grips with this.”

The eruption rate among the teams themselves was very low. These had to move as a bubble in the paddock, which apparently worked well.” However, I also know that some of the most careful people were caught in Formula One. I do not know where this came from,”said Brawn.

At least the protocols would have ensured that the positive cases would not escalate and become uncontrollable. This was also a concern when the season was resumed in July in Spielberg. No one knew what would happen if there was an outbreak.

2021 Corona remains a topic

“Nobody knew enough about the dynamics of the disease and how it spreads,” Brawn says. “No one knew enough about the dynamics of the disease and how it spreads.” We just didn’t know how it would turn out. And when we had the first cases, we had to wait to see if the protocols were enough to prevent an outbreak. But it turned out that way.”

That was also the key for the sports manager, because you noticed that you can manage it.” It was also unrealistic to expect that we would get away without any cases,”said the British. But Formula 1 was able to pass its season and complete 17 races.

2021 you want to run a “normal” season again, at least in the number of races. For Corona will also be a companion next year, Brawn knows: “We will not go into the next year with a switched switch. We must continue and learn from this year.”

2021 should also continue to come to the tests and protocols in whatever form. The methods could change, but we will have another year in which we have to be careful and follow the protocols.”