Brawn: Formula 1 needs a clear plan

Formula 1 will appear in new clothes during the season 2017. The cars are designed to create more spectacles, among other things, with wider wheels and significantly increased drive. Is this the panacea in times when formula 1 is constantly losing to spectators? The observers disagree. Ex-team leader Ross Brawn believes that a plan with clear structures should be in place to significantly improve the situation.

Such a plan is needed. It really frustrates me that such a march route really does not seem to exist,”criticizes the British in conversation with”ESPN”.

The name Ross Brawn had recently fallen several times in speculation about the future structure of formula 1 among the new majority owners of Liberty Media. So far, however, Bernie Ecclestone is still the sole driver of the scene. And the Formula One boss continues as before.

Brawn is Ecclestone “too reactive”

“It’s all too reactive for me,” says Brawn. “It’s all too reactive for me.” In my view, it would be good for formula 1 if a clearly structured plan were to be drawn up, which is where you really want to be in three or five years’time. Bernie takes care of the sport, he certainly has a close eye on the commercial side. It is precisely this approach that is quite foreign to him.

“My style is actually the exact opposite,” says the former Ferrari boss of Michael Schumacher. “This is exactly the opposite.” I have the structured and pragmatic approach of an engineer. Perhaps my approach is also wrong,”says Brawn.

He has repeatedly expressed his ideas to Ecclestone.”I’m sorry. I must have annoyed him a lot because I stuck to my positions, while others did not always. It is possible that I have annoyed him at times.”