Brivio mentions the difference between F1 and MotoGP

After his first two races at the command post of a Formula One team, Alpine racing leader Davide Brivio admitted that in some areas the four-wheel king class differs from the MotoGP. It’s very interesting, very exciting. You get so much information, simulations, data and of course people who work with it,”says Brivio.

The Italian had come to Alpine before the season from the MotoGP World Championship Suzuki. At the French racing stadium, Brivio and Marcin Budkowski form a double peak as a joint successor to Cyril Abiteboul. While Budkowski mainly supervises the work at the factory in Enstone, Brivio is the man on the line.

Although he is not an engineer himself, he can assess the extensive technique in formula 1.” It’s different from where I was before,”says the 56-year-old. However, there are also a lot of similarities between formula 1 and MotoGP.

Brivio: Drivers similar, technology complex

“Drivers have the same motivational variations. Sometimes they’re good at it, sometimes they’re not, they complain, they’re not happy or whatever,”explains Brivio. Here, as there, it is the task of the mechanics and engineers to keep the drivers in the mood and to stimulate them, to improve themselves.” So there are many similarities, but the technique is more complex. The car is bigger, there are more parts,”he summarises.

In his role at the control booth himself, however, he experienced a cultural shock. The biggest difference is the radio. You’re in constant contact with your driver all the time. The race engineers keep telling them what to do. This is the biggest difference,”says Brivio.

No problem, however, is the long race time between one and a half and two hours. I thought it would take a long time, but it was quick. You’re so busy listening, checking and analyzing things. This is very interesting and a great experience,”he says.

Brivio: Pulse in formula 1 is lower

Last year Brivio was selected by the MotoGP marketer Dorna for a special test. To bring the TV viewer closer to his stress level during the season finale, Brivio was connected with a pulse meter during the first race in Valencia. The values were passed on to the viewer in real time.

Up to 125 strokes per minute reached his pulse before the last round, but Brivio thinks that the values in formula 1 would be lower.” I think the pulse is much higher in the MotoGP because you have no control. As soon as the race starts, the driver is on his own. You just sit there yourself and can watch it on TV,”says Brivio.

In formula 1,”you are in constant contact, you are almost yourself in the car. You’re more a part of what happens on the track. You don’t just enjoy it like a spectator,”says Brivio.