BuLi-Restart at all costs? Wind for the DFL

The continuation of the football leagues in Germany does not inspire enthusiasm everywhere. Players, trainers and doctors see problems.

Neven Subotic criticizes lack of influence, Sorority Bertram simply has fear and also trainers as well as doctors express some considerable concerns. Before the eagerly awaited remainder of the German football leagues in the midst of the Corona pandemic, there are also some critical voices.

Sren Bertram spoke particularly drastically from the third list 1. FC Magdeburg. I’m afraid of getting stuck in a game. The danger is present in many disputes,”said the 28-year-old of the”Magdeburg People’s Voice”and added:”We are not all free in the head, because after an infection we could have lung problems for the rest of our lives.”Recently, the Cologne Birger had already worried about dying after positive Corona cases at FC. First health, then football,”he demanded in a”rather bizarre situation”.

support they receive from Ingo Fromalese, sports physician at the German Sports University Cologne. He sees “there are really great dangers to roll over to the players and coaches that possible infections can lead to more serious damage,” he told the “SWR”. The long-term consequences are “natural”. The Corona problem “certainly aggravates with this high load”. The players, so cheerful, “are already being abused a little”.

“We are just puppets”

Neven Subotic by the Bundesligist Union Berlin feels left out in the discussions about a continuation of the season anyway.” According to my knowledge, the players had no influence on the decision-making process,”the 31-year-old told the”German radio”. This would be “a little disappointing”. Bertram also warned that the players “are not involved at all. We are only puppets.”

But it is also the lack of time to prepare that drives the protagonists around.” We have not trained properly for eight weeks, but are then expected to complete eleven seasonal games and possibly two national championships within five weeks. With such a load, injuries are programmed,”Bertram said to the alleged DFB plans for the continuation of the 3. Liga.

Even before the decision for the Bundesliga and 2. The league had predicted Nuremberg’s trainer Jens Keller’s problems. And now, perhaps, after ten days of team training, we should be ready? As a coach, I cannot accept responsibility, even to the players,”Keller told the Nuremberg News. There was “a certain risk in terms of injuries”, he continued in the kicker. For Bremen’s CEO, Frank Baumann, it would have been “important” to have had at least two weeks of team training”.

BVB is worried about Duo

Whether injuries accumulate will be shown in the coming weeks. At Borussia Dortmund, Axel Witsel and Emre Can are said to have contracted muscle injuries at the start of the team training and to be questionable about the division rby on Saturday (15:30 o’clock) against Schalke 04. This is reported by “Image” and “Sport Image”. Whether there is a connection with the increased load is open.

Cheer is expected from the players just between the 70’s. and 90. Minute “fatigue reactions”. At this stage, the risk of injury will “certainly increase significantly”.

Christian Seifert, Managing Director of the German Football League (DFL), does not want to dismiss the many objections. The fears and concerns must be taken absolutely seriously. These are perfectly legitimate feelings. I will never try to talk them out of anyone,”stressed the DFL-Chef.

Schalke 04 and his professionals alike sought the conversation. He told all players that Jochen Schneider emphasised to the sports board that participation in the training and game operation is voluntary.