BVB flirtation between self-confidence and arrogance

For weeks the sparrows have been whistling loudly from the rooftops that Thomas Meunier will leave Paris Saint-Germain and join Borussia Dortmund. Now the 28-year-old has made himself clear: the BVB cannot make a mistake.

The club t hat commits him cannot make a bad investment, says Meunier in a conversation with the radio station “RTBF”. “The club that commits him cannot make a bad investment.” A freelance national player who plays for number one on the FIFA world ranking list and is 28-year-old cannot be a bad purchase. Even if I were to get a burn and my leg had to be cut off,”the foreign defender, who is supposed to be facing a switch to the BVB, made his statement self-confident.

That the rumors of an upcoming engagement in Dortmund caused a very negative echo of the PSG fans, Therefore, the Belgian cannot comprehend at all.

“Everything that circulates about me and Dortmund in the social media, I do not understand: I have also seen many messages that have linked me to Inter or Tottenham. “I don’t understand this madness,” said Meunier, who was heavily criticized on Twitter and Instagram.

His main goal had always been to stay in Paris, the defensive star. “I’m sorry. But at the moment it is quite quiet.”So it is questionable whether PSG wants to extend the expiring contract of the legal base at all. However, it may also be assumed that Meunier is demanding a royal salary.

Recently unveiled “Sports Image”, Meunier will sign a four-year contract with the BVB. Including salary and handmoney, the obligation is to cost the Dortmund under the terms “ESPN” around 50 million euros.

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Furthermore, the defender commented on the current football break due to the Coronavirus. After a busy season, this “surprisingly pleasant” was a gift to spend all day with his children, Meunier said. However, he misses the ball and hopes that one can return to the lawn in the middle of May. If only games are possible behind closed doors.