CL: Wealth on Sparflame

The Handball Champions League offers great sport, but the winnings are modest. Compared to the big football, where the royal class is a real money-printing machine especially for the top clubs, handballers are all about bread crumbs.

3,58 million euros in guarantee premiums must be paid by the Rhine-Neckar lions, Share SG Flensburg Handewitt and THW Kiel with 25 other participants in the weekend-beginning royal class season. In the Football Champions League, UEFA 1,3 pours out billions of euros for the starters.

The champion league champion in the handball league in Cologne on the 4th of June 2017 in Cologne can look forward to the guarantee sum of 665.000 euros at the most after 20 games. That’s just 165 000 euros more than a football team alone gets for a remiss in the group phase of the Champions League. In addition, each of the 32-stage participants has 12,7 million euros secure, Before being kicked against the ball for the first time.

CL revenue hardly weighs

Last season, the final four participant THW Kiel was the most successful German athletic and financially. The top club collected 235.000 euros. This makes up only a fraction of the estimated 9,5 million euro.

Each of the 28 handball teams in the group phase receives 60.000 euros, the winners of the A and B teams in which the top clubs play receive 30.000 euros extra and can advance directly to the quarter finals. Every 30.000 euro goes to the 16 teams that qualify for the K.O. phase. Another 45.000 Euro cancels each team in the quarter finals.

Whoever reaches the final tournament in Cologne receives further prizes: 500.000 euro for the winner, 250 000 for the second, 150.000 for the third and 100.000 euro for the fourth. For clubs that do not reach the Final Four, the Royal Class can even become a grant business. Two years ago, the Rhine-Neckar lions complained to the European Handball Federation EHF.

Hall conflict narrows the purse

The German champion is limited in his income possibilities this season. He performs all home games due to overlapping indoor occupations not in the larger arena in Mannheim, but in the smaller Fraport arena in Frankfurt. This is not the case with THW Kiel, who, in anticipation of high-ranking group opponents such as record winner Barcelona, this year’s finalist Veszprem from Hungary, The top favourite Paris St. Germain or the North permanent Flensburg has already sold over 7000 group stage tickets for each of the seven home games.

The international competition has meanwhile lost the rank of the top German clubs at the Etat. Thanks to the owners of Qatar, PSG has an estimated budget of 15 million euro. Almost under ten million euros, Veszprem and the current champion league winner Kielce from Poland are also expected to have at their disposal. This is also why stars have migrated from the Bundesliga in recent years, most recently National Team Captain Uwe Gensheimer (to Paris) or Kieler Joan Ca ellas (to Skopje).

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