Confirmed: Bone leaves Wolfsburg after fifteen years

Defender Robin Bone will leave VfL Wolfsburg this summer after fifteen years.

The Football Bundesliga and its 28-year-old own plant could not afford an extension of the 30-year-old. The contract expired in June agree, as Sport Manager Jorg Schmadtke confirmed to the Internet portal “Sportbuzzer”.

“We are totally grateful to him for what he has done for this club. But we’re not going to continue with Robin. It was a difficult decision,”said Schmadtke.

Bone, as a 13-year-old from his home town of Braunschweig, moved to the youth department of the VfL and rose in Wolfsburg to become a federal league professional and U21 national player.

Federal trainer Joachim Lion also nominated the national defender 2014 for a national game in Spain, but did not use it in this game.

2016 the VfL extended the contract with bone to terms that the association does not want to pay him four years later.

“We made him an offer in a difficult phase for us that was economically difficult for him,” Schmadtke explained. “We have made him an offer in a difficult phase for us.” Then came the Corona crisis, and we were unable to add to it again.”