Crashgate, huh? In no way involved

Flavio Briatore also claims nine years after the crash-gate scandal that he had nothing to do with the legendary manipulation of the Singapore Grand Prix in the year 2008: “I was not involved in this crash in any way”, He explains in an interview with “Sky Sports F1”.

This, of course, contradicts the statements of Pat Symonds and Nelson Piquet Jr., who long admitted to having spoken to three people on Sunday morning before the race about consciously completing a safety car phase through a deliberate accident. The tactic also worked: Piquet flew off on schedule, teammate Fernando Alonso miraculously got to the perfectly tuned pit stop just before the safety car phase and won the Grand Prix.

“There was no evidence in this investigation report that I was involved in this accident. Finished,”says Briatore. I dragged the FIA to court in Paris, and I won. Everything. The Paris court has taken a close look at the findings. And that settles it for me. Finito.”

Only the parties know the truth

In fact, the court in Paris lifted the lifelong ban initially pronounced by the FIA against Briatore and Symonds. However, contrary to Briatores’statement, the judgment was not based on the fact that there was no incriminating material against him, but rather on formal criticism of the FIA procedure. For example, the role of FIA President Max Mosley, a well-known non-Briatore friend, has been classified as compromised.

What really happened in Singapore nine years ago, only those involved can know for sure in the end. Two agree, but Briatore disputes all allegations. Is that credible? Maybe Symonds and Piquet conspired against their ex-boss, too. But that’s speculation. The reader must make up his own mind.

“Having brought a lot of glamour in”

Briatore would not have had a problem with his own data with the lifetime lock. Nevertheless, he went against it in court.” For me, it would have been last year anyway. Renault knew that,”he says. I had won seven World Championships. If things had gone well, I could have won one or two more. But what for?”

Briatore was not only banned by the FIA and fired by Renault, but the FIA ruling also said that drivers who are supervised by him would no longer get a superlicense. At least this led to the separation of Superstar Fernando Alonso. Briatore is now working with him again as manager.

Even if Briatore occasionally seeks contact with the Formula One scene, for example at the last time at a farewell party organised by him for his long-time friend Bernie Ecclestone: the chapter is closed for him.” I have achieved a great deal in formula 1. We’ve brought in a lot of glamour, he says.