Croatia and Spain celebrate favourites

European Champions of Handball Spain and former world champions Croatia have confirmed their favourite role in Group 1 at the start of the EM main round in the Vienna City Hall. Spain won against the Czech Republic with 31:25 (14:9) and thus celebrated its fourth victory in the fourth game.

Croatia, on Saturday the second main opponent of the German team, kept the brave fighting host Austria at 27:23 (13:8) at a distance without any problems and also kept his white vest. In the table, the Spaniards who had won their foreplay against Germany with 33:26 kept the lead in front of Croatia due to the better goal ratio.

The best pitchers of the Croatians were Zlatko Horvat on the right with six and director Luka Cindric with five goals. For Austria, which won its first defeat in the tournament, Robert Weber from the German league HSG Nordhorn-Lingen scored six hits.

Left-handed Alex Duschebajew in the right rear and left-handed Angel Fernandez Perez, with the Polish champion KS Kielce team colleagues of the German National Torpedo Keeper Andreas Wolff, were the most successful pitchers with every five gates of Spain. Eight times the Czech playmaker Ondrej Zdrahala, at the EM 2018 in Croatia with 55 hits, met the goalkeeper of the tournament.

Zum “Man of the Match”, the best player in the game, was once again nominated in the previous EM course of Spain goalkeeper Gonzalo Perez de Vargas. Keeper of the Bundesliga Bergischer HC, also showed outstanding performance.

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