Cuisance responds to cracked Leeds deal

The planned change of Michael Cuisance from FC Bavaria to the English first-time Leeds United has hit the finish line. Why exactly, according to his own information, the Frenchman does not know that to this day.

“I was not afraid, with Bielsa (coach of Leeds United, Anm. d. Red.) explained in an interview with “RMC” that the Argentinean was not the reason why the change to the island still broke.

The 21-year-old who was awarded instead to Olympique Marseille added: “But the deal did not happen anyway. I still don’t know why. All the better, because I can now play at OM.”

Everything was already clear between Michael Cuisance and Leeds United. There was also a broad consensus between the Premier League and the Bavarian FC. But even though all the parties wanted a deal a few days before the end of the transfer period, the change of the French U-national player still broke.

First reports that Cuisance had not passed the medical check, the 21-year-old himself later contradicted. “There was no problem with the medical check in Leeds”, Cuisance said, after he said he had passed the check at Olympique Marseille a little later.

And the French First Club also said in person of sports director Pablo Longoria: “We found no problem, everything went well. It is up to 100 per cent ready for use.”

Stock of FC Bavaria on a repurchase clause?

So why did the cushion transfer to Leeds really burst? Jermaine Beckford, ex-pro and former employee of the Whites, stated in the podcast “Doing A Leeds” that it was a (too) high demand of FC Bavaria that ultimately ensured Leeds withdrew from the business and refrained from buying the Frenchman.

While German media only wrote about “financial disagreements on the negotiating line”, Beckford called the concrete reason for the withdrawal of his former club. According to this, the Munich people insisted on a buy-back clause that could have become a real minus for United.

Cuisance does not regret that the deal did not come about –on the contrary: “The Champions League was an important argument for me”, He emphasized: “I have played some games in the royal class in Bavaria, I want to make a point of that. The fact that Marseille is present has led me to change.”