Da Costa rejects game breaks in the fight against racism

Football pro Danny da Costa does not consider a game break in the fight against racism to be an appropriate measure.

“I do not believe that it punishes 50.000 spectators because a group of, say, ten people behave in the same way”, The German-Angolan defender of the BundesLigista Eintracht Frankfurt said in the interview of the “Frankfurter Rundschau”.

“And let’s be honest: If you make monkeys, because there are a few dark-skinned ones running around, you don’t care very much about what happens on the place, it doesn’t matter.”

The 29-year-old born More recently, 2013 itself had been the victim of racist insults during a two-way game between 1860 Munich and FC Ingolstadt.

“Of course there are incidents, but these are idiots who unfortunately exist everywhere,” said Da Costa. “There are incidents, but there are idiots everywhere.” What is important is that it is not turned under the table. The majority stands up very well and says:’This is not possible.'”

Racism, however, he himself also feels in everyday life. It’s not that I’m openly insulted on the street or yelled at by monkeys, but there are little things that are terribly hurtful and hard,”said Da Costa.

So not too long ago, someone who saw him coming, hid and had only moved on when he had passed by. I’ve got to nibble on that,”he said. Of course I’m dark-skinned, but that’s not why I’m a wild animal and I’m hurrying at people.”