Dangerous hobby: Hamilton makes the parachute look

Without adrenaline, Lewis Hamilton seems unable to cope. Even during the winter break, during which the Formula One pilots are actually recovering, the British pursue an exciting hobby: As Hamilton now announces on Instagram, he has made the parachute appearance!

The 34-year-old posted a photo of himself at a jump and wrote: I made my parachute license! The feeling of free fall is incredible. Surfing and Skydiving on the same day is the ultimate day for me.”He also asks his followers if they have ever tried skydiving before. If not, put your fear down and do it!”

It is not the only exceptional activity that the five-time World Champion has carried out during the winter break. Prior to this, he was also a surfer and guest at the “surf ranch” of US professional Kelly Slater.

Normally, dangerous sports are excluded in the contracts of Formula One pilots in order to exclude a risk of injury or worse. Juan-Pablo Montoya is said to have injured himself at McLaren once while driving an illegal motorcycle. Later, it was claimed that he was only playing tennis.

Hamilton, however, must have paid attention in his contract negotiations with Mercedes, That such extraordinary adventures are not forbidden to him- a five-time world champion just has a better negotiating position than others. The silver arrows have repeatedly emphasized that they have nothing against Hamilton’s non-motor sports activities.