Dardani for Realism: “Are not the Ruhrpott here”

Trainer Pal Dardani pitches before the season starts Hertha BSC for realistic expectations in the context of the football league Hertha BSC.

“We are an education and training association, that is our philosophy whether you like it or not”, The Hungarian coach of the Berliners said before the opening match against the climber 1st FC Nuremberg on Saturday (15:30 o’clock) to the “Daily Mirror”.

Dadai: “As long as no one comes and gives us 100 million euros or moves Paris Saint-Germain completely here, it will stay that way.”

” where everyone goes to the club. Berlin has far too many other offers,”Dardani characterized the club. You must be happy with this episode of 45 000 to 50 000. The stadium is too big because Hertha is not a big club. I don’t think a tourist would come to Berlin and say, “I want to go to the Hertha Museum.” As in Barcelona, Madrid or Manchester.”

Hertha was nevertheless”a beautiful, well organized club”, emphasized the 42-year-old ex-pro.