DEL, BBL and HBL increase sales

The Deutsche Eishockey League (DEL), the Bundesliga BBL basketball and the Bundesliga Handball (HBL) have all been able to increase their total turnover 2018/19 compared to the previous season. This is reported by the magazine Sponsors.

The DEL with 130 million euro, 2017/18 had been 114 million. The projected value (117 million) was thus exceeded by eleven percent.

According to sponsors, the BBL arrived at 128 million euro, the turnover of the season 2017/18 and the planned sum for 2018/19 was at 123 million euro.

The HBL achieved a total turnover of 105 million euro. The measured value (107 million) was missed, but an increase by three percent was achieved compared to the previous season.

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