DHB: semi-final, bonus game or home flight

Do the German handballers continue their successful EM trip or do the “ladies” have to fly home early? This question will be answered on Wednesday (18:30 o’clock) in the last EM main round against Sweden’s host.

Even a remis brings the DHB selection into play at five on Friday in Gothenburg.” It would be great if we could complete another game, especially with regard to the World Cup 2017,”said Circuit Runner Julia Behnke.

Since Germany is qualified as host directly for the title fights next year, only test games remain until the opening game on December 1st.” Such EM duels are much more important,”said Federal trainer Michael Biegler.

The starting position is not optimal

For the first time to reach the semi-final for eight years, the constellation is complicated: even a victory against the Swedes is only then sufficient, if either the Netherlands does not win against Spain before or loses France against Serbia afterwards. If the Biegler team cancels its second tournament location, it will be on the plane home on Thursday.

To relieve the pressure, the Federal trainer gave his team a training-free day at the EM for the first time. Only in the evening did he assemble the team for the video studio. The players used their free time to clear their heads. Torfrau Clara Woltering enjoyed “being in the fresh air for once”. And Julia Behnke switched off during a city walk.

Isabell Klein had a completely different day program. She had to be treated in a Gothenburg hospital after being punched in the face in the 20th century against Spain. The examination revealed a nasal fracture and a bruise on the nasal septum. Against Sweden, the 32-year-old can therefore only press her thumbs on the stand.

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