Di Montezemolo: Cannot replace Bernie

Ex-Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo talks about the formula-1 leadership structure, initiates reforms and explains what the succession of Ecclestone might look like.

The success story began 1973, As a personal assistant of Enzo Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo came to Scuderia Ferrari and thus became Chairman of the Board of Directors in Formula 1. 1991, bringing the Reds back on the course of success. In September 2014, the Italian charismatic farewell followed. So now the way would be clear to inherit Bernie Ecclestone at the top of formula 1, but di Montezemolo wavers. Also because he knows: Bernie cannot be replaced.”

In an interview with”CNN”, he thinks about the state of formula 1, in which he was able to get five World Cup titles with Michael Schumacher among others. Sooner or later, formula 1 has to think about how to replace Bernie,”he picks up to add,”Bernie is a fantastic person. It will be impossible to replace him.”According to the 68-year-old who now sits on the board of Alitalia airline and takes care of Rome’s Olympic application for the 2024 games, no single person can become Ecclestone’s successor. He thinks more radically: “He needs a new leadership.”

This knowledge also leads him to the decision not to strive for himself to succeed the British. Speaking of which, he says, “I’d be the best in the world to do this job, but maybe it’s time for someone else.” He suggests the following construct: “You need a small group of people who are ever very strong in their own field, with someone at the top, who is familiar with formula 1 and who has a sense of what the market and fans need.”

qualification span as a symbol of problems

He basically sees reform needs in the royal class, because the current leadership structure would no longer work. Di Montezemolo says: “For formula 1, it would be better to have three clear parties,” he calls for a division of powers. One is the FIA, which takes care of the rules and exercises political power, like FIFA, then the teams that act as players and the rightholders, The biggest problem with the current system: “Overlapping is a big mistake.” Because currently, some teams and Bernie Ecclestone as right-holders also have the opportunity to design and co-determine rules in the strategy group. What can come out of this has been shown with the new qualification format, which was introduced in a hectic way and abolished after only two weeks of racing.