Di Montezemolo: Criticism and praise for Alonso

Fernando Alonso is one of the main reasons for the stop of Ferrari – that at least means Luca di Montezemolo.” I had the impression that in Fernando’s mind the thought had grown that he could never become world champion with Ferrari and that Mercedes would win the title practically with the left. This was demotivating for Ferrari,”the former Scuderia president said to”Motorsport”.

Because Ferrari needed”fresh motivation”, they had driven a change of driver”with success: While Alonso returned to McLaren, Sebastian Vettel broke up his tent in Maranello and triggered a long-standing hype. In his premiere season for Ferrari, Vettel entered three victories, overall he entered the podium thirteen times.

Alonso, on the other hand, rode only afterwards, but is still the best F1 pilot in the whole field for di Montezemolo. Although he appreciated Hamilton and Vettel in qualifying a tick faster over a round, “but in the race Alonso is unimaginably good, a machine”, says the current head of the airline Alitalia.

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