Diallo about BVB home games: Since “my ears hurt”

Since the beginning of July, French defender Abdou Diallo has been tying the football shoes for Borussia Dortmund. In an interview he has now expressed himself among other things to one of the biggest surprises he has experienced so far at the BVB.

“This stadium,” the former Mainzer said to L’Equipe on the question of what surprised him most.” My ears hurt there. It is an incredible atmosphere.”

Understandable: Four goals the 22-year-old was allowed to cheer with his team on the first day of the game against RB Leipzig in front of the local scenery. 80.365 spectators except some guest fans celebrated the edge match against the league rival.

That Diallo only now had all the energy of the game against the league rival. Although he played for Mainz in the Bundesliga in the last season, it is not surprising that Dortmund is enjoying the South Tribune. During the guest game at the beginning of May, the 05ers led after less than a quarter of an hour 2:0 (Endstand 2:1) and thus ensured that the signal Iduna Park should have been much quieter.

Details about Favre’s training work

Now, however, Frenchman has the BVB fans in his back and probably hopes, That if he wins again, his ears will hurt a few more times. New coach Lucien Favre, who apparently has not only been one of the main reasons for the switch to the black-and-white, but also has an incredible eye for detail.

Diallo described a scene from the training as exemplary to the French sports newspaper. In the first week, he spoke to me about the position of my hands,”said the 22-year-old. When I was just at the ball, he came up to me and said, “You play with fists. Why? The defender himself did not notice his handshake. Then he said to me:’Your hands can help them balance and shield the ball’

This first impression of the new coach would have been quite “confusing”, Diallo laughed and said: “If he has the opportunity to stand in the square with us for hours, Therefore, the defensive player expects that und er Favre he will soon have developed and changed significantly.” If I am not another player in the future, I will say to myself: What went wrong with you?'”