Dissinger as a new hope bearer

Christian Dissinger leaned on his forearms at the table. So his impressive 2.02 meters don’t really come into effect. The time seems to have finally come for the 24-year-old handballer to show his true size on the floor.

After strong performances with the THW Kiel and eight goals in the 37:30-victory against Tunisia, the backroom player is one of the hope bearers of the German national team at the EM in Poland.” It is precisely in his position that it is very important that we have pressure and power,”said Federal trainer Dagur Sigurdsson.

Dissinger wants to offer another test of his skill at the EM tests on Saturday in Kassel and Sunday in Hanover against Iceland. Such games are important to improve the process,”he said.

It is a miracle that Dissinger made it back to the national team. Since the World Cup title with the juniors 2011 and his election as the most valuable player of the tournament, the Ludwigshafener was considered the largest German back room talent. Sigurdsson’s predecessor, Martin Heuberger, under whom Dissinger had become the Junior World Champion, prophesied him a bright future and brought him into the selection of the German Handball Association at the age of twenty.” Christian can be a pillar of this team for me from a perspective,”Heuberger said at the time.

In young years already two cross-band drawings

But then everything changed completely. In the service of the Swiss master Cadet Schaffhausen, he tore the crucifix in 2011’s left knee, fought again to draw 2013 the same serious injury in his right knee. Nevertheless, Atletico Madrid, the top club at the time, committed him and went bankrupt without Dissinger having even once sweated through the jersey.

“That made me unemployed and injured,” he said in retrospect. The end of the promising but, until then, also unfortunate career was near. Dissinger: “There was such a thought, I might stop now and concentrate on a study. I knew I couldn’t play for six months anyway, and no club wants a player who’s hurt. That’s why it was a relatively modest feeling to stand without having anything in your hand. This was already stressful for the head.”

With the help of his family and his management he struggled through this crisis.” The cross-dressing tears are just part of me. But they are no longer present in the head,”he explained. Over the TuS N-Lubbecke he came to the record master Kiel and filmed there after difficulties in starting.

“He would have liked to have played with Jicha”

He benefited from the departure of his role model Filip Jicha. He got more game shares, coach Alfred Gislason put his faith in talent. I would have loved to have played with him very, very much. It’s a shame it didn’t work out, of course, because he’s also a great person and a great handballer. It was probably also with a step that it led to an improvement of my performance,”said the BWL student.

“He is currently very popular because he has also played very well in recent weeks. But he is a guy who takes it all very casually,”said Kiel teammate and selector Steffen Weinhold. Dissinger does not want to be influenced by praise or criticism and looks only at himself.” I knew what I could do, I could call it right the first time. The important thing is to have a clear head. Not that you are mentally strong, but that you know you can rely on your strengths,”said Dissinger, making another promise for the future:”I think the last few weeks have been pretty good. But I know that I can do more, that I have even more potential.”

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