Eberl: “Don’t know if everything works out with Rose”

Sports director Max Eberl of the German football league Borussia Munich adbach hopes for a playful development of the foals with new coach Marco Rose. Nevertheless, he is still in his thoughts with former coach Dieter Hecking.

The separation of Hecking into fifth place and the successful qualification for the Europa League it was not easy for him to like and also present a risk.” I don’t know if everything works out with Marco Rose or if it might have been better with Dieter Hecking,”Eberl said in an interview with Wound. “.

However, the official does not doubt his decision to make a new start. He’d have to make “decisions when facts are on the table. And it was a fact that Rose was a coach on the market that I wanted to deal with,”said Eberl.

In the future, the manager wants to annoy the big teams in the Bundesliga again:”It must be our creativity to find ways to fight these five, six teams in front of us. We want to try to be one step ahead of them at all times,”said Eberl.

Specifically for the coming season, the 45-year-old hopes for a beautiful and once again successful football.” I would like us to fight for Europe again, as we have done in recent years, for Marco’s new approach to be taken as quickly as possible, and for us to play good, attractive football,”Eberl says.