Eberl: Hecking “is just the right one for the HSV”

After Borussia Monkngladbach finished working with Dieter Hecking, the coach joined the Hamburg SV. With the HSV, the 55-year-old is currently on the verge of success. Gladbach manager Max Eberl is happy for his former colleague.

“Dieter is just the right person for the HSV, he can not only stabilize the club but also raise it to the next level,” Eberl said to the “Sportbuzzer” and added: “Dieter is a good, experienced coach. He brings peace. This is precisely why we brought him in at the time.”

The fact that HSV is currently dominating the table of the second Bundesliga does not surprise Eberl in any way.

Despite the success with the North Germans, the Gladbach-Manager does not regret the separation of Hecking. It is the feeling that I had at the time: I would do it again, even if I hurt Dieter again and one or the other cannot understand the decision,”Eberl said.

He had been”honest and authentic”to Hecking from the beginning. For all the policies that we have to do in part, this was, in my view, the only open and straight path,”says Eberl.

The unexpected separation has not burdened the relationship between the two former professionals.”It was a difficult time for both of us, but today I can say that there was zero command left hanging. is. We were eating together, texting, congratulating ourselves after victories,”stressed Eberl.