Eberl’s clear text: “Not open to investors”

Sports director Max Eberl of the German football league Borussia Munich has ruled out cooperation with investors practiced in Berlin before the duel at Hertha BSC on Saturday.

“For us this is not the way. We’re at 50+1. The association should remain the master of action. We have accomplished what we set out to do completely on our own. We are also very, very proud of this,”Eberl said on Friday.

The Berliners have been working together since summer with investor Lars Windhorst, who spoke of Hertha as the future”Big City Club”and had also lured Jurgen Klinsmann to the Capital Club.

“Every association is free to choose its choice. Hertha BSC has decided to work with investors. If they do this wisely, there is again a club that will fight for the places that we also want to play for in the future,”said Eberl, who determined with a view to the current season:”Hertha will continue to score and have nothing to do with the descent.”

Coach Marco Rose, who fights with Gladbach in the remote duel with RB Leipzig for the fall championship, praised the work of Hertha-Trainer Klinsmann. This has helped the Berliners to achieve defensive stability.

“It will be a very intense game against a team that is very hard defended and very active and fast switched,” said Rose.