Ecclestone has two alternatives to Silverstone

Formula 1 could also experience its own Brexit”. In the past week, the organisers of the UK Grand Prix in Silverstone had stated that they might use their right to withdraw from the Formula One contract with Bernie Ecclestone. Will the so-called “Home of Motorsports” disappear from the Formula One map after 2019?

No, says Ecclestone.” We do not want to lose Silverstone, and we certainly will not lose Britain from formula one. We don’t want to leave the fans hanging. There may be a year without the Grand Prix, but normally everything should be fine,”said the Brit in an interview with the British broadcaster”ITV.

Ecclestone himself could not explain the financial needs in Silverstone – 2015 one recorded a loss of 2,3 million euros.” You have to take a good look at that. Silverstone’s always full. Elsewhere we do not have these ratings for a long time, but nevertheless there are no such problems there.”He himself could help directly by reducing the entry fee.” The FOM will not do that,”Ecclestone makes clear. It is already the cheapest race.”

The Formula One boss is already preparing for an exit from Silverstone in the background. According to the marketer, there are “two alternatives in England”. Which are these, Ecclestone leaves open in the interview.” I’m not talking about racing tracks, I’m talking about possibilities,”he says. I won’t say where. You’ll see it. I am not worried that we might lose the British Grand Prix.”

Ecclestone had already put on the table the idea of a city race in London. In addition, Donington has a corresponding facility.