Effenberg sees “great explosion risk” at FC Bavaria

Ex-national player Stefan Effenberg has criticized the personnel policy of trainer Niko Kovac at the German football record champion Bavaria Munich.

“Bavaria FC is currently depriving itself of its strongest weapons. With the exchanges of seals and ribs and the disregard of James, Effenberg wrote in his column for “t- “‘ If there was ever an eye-level player behind this who owned the future, The situation after three mandatory games without victory is dangerous for Effenberg before the game against Borussia Monkngladbach on Saturday (18:30 o’clock): “The situation carries a great risk of explosion. What worries me is the way FC Bavaria currently appears. If he can’t get in through the outside, it’s too static, transparent, and thin. Then it is easy to defend against the Bavarians, because the second and third idea is not there or does not ignite.”

The former Bavarian captain also demands a big change in the cadre after this season:”This can and must be a very big change. Otherwise, in the coming years, some teams in the Bundesliga will have the chance to become champions.”

Although the FC Bavaria has strengthened with Gnabry, Goretzka or Sule,”but if they now get the focus in the next one or two years, then I do not know if they will make it”, says Effenberg.