Eintracht Frankfurt astonishment over gate phenomenon Chandler

The co-players of Eintracht Frankfurt have now become creepy with Timothy Chandler. With the first double pack of his football life, the 29-year-old former defender is the new Gate phenomenon of the Hessians and was at the same time paving the way for 5:0 (1:0) in the Bundesliga game against FC Augsburg.

“You have to ask what magic potion he has drunk,” team colleague Sebastian Rode puzzled. I’d like that too.”

After all, for the German-American born in Frankfurt it was already the three and four hits of the backround. Only Dortmund’s goalkeeper Erling Haaland met more often. I’m actually used to only shooting two goals a season,”Chandler said. Now it’s four. I hope one or two more goals will be added.”

He does not believe that the player in the everlasting good mood, Coach Adi Hutter, has given a more offensive role on the right track in the transition from the three-to-four chain, now that The Hague or Bavarian attacker Robert Lewandowski will compete.

” Getting stormier is a long way off. It’s just going well,”Chandler said. Even if I’m not the greatest one-to-one artist: I always knock everything out.”

Eintracht Frankfurt celebrates”Stehaufmann”Chandler

Above all, he never gives up. He was operated on three times. Lately, he’s been out all season. He had to undergo surgery on his right knee in August 2018 due to a cartilage injury and was able to play again for the first time in May 2019. After that, it took many more months for him to become a tribal power again.

“I don’t know if he looked at the goalies of Europe in the six months he had nothing to do,” said Sports Director Bruno Hibner jokingly about chandler’s change.

“He’s a chief of staff,” said Axel Hellmann, board member. Chandler is also the symbol for the turn of the game. Before the winter break, the Europa League starter crashed on the 13th. Table ranking and landed only three points away from the release place.

With now three wins, a draw and ten points, the best round start since 1969/70 was achieved.” That was not to be expected. The direction is correct, one hundred percent”, accounted for huts.

After the 5:0-edge run through the two gates of Chandler (37./48. Minute) as well as Andre Silva (56.) and Filip Kostic (89./90.) now stand heavy encounters at Borussia Dortmund on Friday and the example in the Europa League at RB Salzburg (20). In February.

“We must take with us the confidence we have. We are going to Dortmund with a good feeling,”said Eintracht goalkeeper Kevin Trapp.

At the same time, however, he lowered expectations that you will now head straight for a Europa-League place:”The ten points do well. But for the moment it would be worth saying that we want to attack again up there.”