Ekdahl du Rietz before early career end

Now he can count the days in one hand. Kim Ekdahl du Rietz has known for months exactly how long he has been a handball pro, how long he has to focus his everyday life on something that no longer makes him a hundred percent happy.

The world-class player of the German league Rhein-Neckar Lion ends his career on Saturday in the home game against the MT Melsung. The Swede ends with just once 27 years, even though he has just played the best season of his life.

But his decision stands, the decision is irrefutable and Ekdahl du Rietz leaves the big stage as a German master.” Being able to end my career with such success is unique, just perfect. I couldn’t think of a better time to stop,”says the backroom player, who watched last week’s decisive victory over THW Kiel videos and pictures from the spontaneous championship celebration.”I’m sorry. That’s when the tears came. It was incredibly beautiful. But my last game will be something quite different again.”

Ekdahl du Rietz knows that it will become emotional against melodies and that he could have easily continued to play for a few more years.” But handball doesn’t make me happy anymore. I’m satisfied, but that’s not enough for me. That’s why I quit,”says the Swede, admitting that life as a handball pro is no longer for him. Although it offers many advantages despite the tight schedule.

Ekdahl du Rietz: “Handball is no longer a dream vocation”

“I know that my profession has many privileges. But one should love one’s profession, which is no longer the case with me. Handball is no longer my dream job. But I want to do what I like. That’s why I’m now looking for something new that fulfills me.”

That’s how he’s been doing it for a long time, but the right hand kept going.” It means something to me to play with the Rhine Neckar lions. When I do something, I want to do it right. It’s always been like this. If I had not had this attitude, I would never have ended up with this club.”But now he has finally reached the point where he no longer wants all this. His club is hit hard.

Because the lions in Ekdahl du Rietz lose not only a great player but also an outstanding personality. His absolute will to win always distinguished him, his class was undeniable anyway. This season added an enormous constancy.” We will miss him, one alone will not be able to replace him,”said Sports Director Oliver Roggisch.

“Shitty Feeling”in the round back

Ekdahl du Rietz simply played well, mostly superbly, and explains this top performance with the prospect of his career ending.” This decision has given me another kick, such a feeling of shit-for-nothing,”said the right-hand man.

Contrary to popular opinion, however, he does not go on a world trip, but remains for once in his home country Sweden. After all the hardship and stress, he simply longs for peace and independence.
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