Endorsement: New hope at Kostic, rejection of top talent

The Corona crisis has also thrown the transfer plans of Eintracht Frankfurt over the heap. The flip side of the coin: With Flip Kostic, one of the most important players in the box could stay. Interested clubs could make a retreat in poker for the Serbs in the face of the uncertain future.

Despite all the rumors and intentions of change, Filip Kostic’s stay in the game according to “Sport Image” is now again a “realistic option”. Until a few weeks ago, it looked different. A departure of the wingman seemed certain that clubs were supposed to be queuing to get 27-year-olds off the main road.

The serious effects of the Corona crisis could now play into the cards. It is not yet clear what financial damage the clubs must incur. Moon salaries and mega-releases will probably not be offered in the transfer summer 2020.

Whether the 40 million euro offered by Inter Milan last year for Kostic will be recalled is rather unlikely. Moreover, the Serb at Inter-Coach Antonio Conte should not be the number one on the wish list. A very hot interested person might get out of poker.

Talent leaves Eintracht Frankfurt

Another player will definitely leave Frankfurter. The 18-year-old talent Abdulkerim Cakar has informed the club t hat after the failed salary negotiations it will listen to offers from other league clubs.

Background of the separation: Cakar’s youth contract expires in the summer. Frankfurt wanted to hold the Youngster, but only submitted an offer by mail, which according to “Sport Bild” was well below 100.000 euros. The young offensive player demanded more, refusing to comply. Cakar then said his farewell.