Ex-BVB star: Witsel “would be a royal transfer”

Sky expert Christoph Metzelder advises the German football league Borussia Dortmund to place more emphasis on emerging talent in the future.

“Borussia Dortmund was the great challenger of Bavaria Munich, even temporarily overtaken it, but now notices t hat it is not up in the food chain but a step deeper. That players such as Demele, Aubameyang and Co. Dortmund see as a gateway station,”said the former national player in an”Interview with Sky Sport News HD”.

“I believe that the strategy to reach into the shelf below and get a young, developmental player could be an approach that more to Borussia Dortmund However, for Metzelder, the change of the Belgian national player Axel Witsel to BVB would be a suitable reinforcement.

“He would be a royal transfer after the World Cup he has played and within the framework of what Dortmund can do financially. Also in view of the fact that we are talking about a category of players that has offers of six, seven clubs on the shelf and thinks:’Do I want to go to the Bundesliga and do I want to go to Dortmund?’ That too must be said so clearly and honestly.”